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How Address Validation Saves Your Sales?

Any kind of complication on the Checkout page in your WooCommerce store, and your customer is likely going to abandon the cart. No customer prefers long waits, or complications when it comes to placing orders online. When it comes to providing addresses on the Checkout page, you need to follow certain guidelines, especially address formats. No eCommerce store owner wants to lose a customer, just because the checkout process is a little cumbersome. So why not make it quick and smooth? The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is about wrong entries. An address verification tool or plugin or an address checker will surely be a great add-on when it comes to your store. Helping your customers while entering the address using address validation saves your sales. It not only eases the customer’s job but also is a foolproof way to validate the address in real-time to ensure that nothing goes wrong while fetching the address.

What is Address Validation?

Address validation is a process in which you verify the address numbers, street names, and postal codes of order on an eCommerce store. Basically, the address validation process uses location technology and maps the data to cross-reference the customer’s address with addresses in the mailing systems of major shipping couriers like USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. And once the verification is over, and the addresses are confirmed the checkout process can be successfully completed. The address verification tools are considered very effective when it comes to increasing the sales of the eCommerce business.

3 Steps of Address Validation

The address validation and verification include processes to make sure that the addresses entered are accurate. It also helps to look up the addresses.

Address validation involves three steps, which includes:

  1. Cleaning: The address validation software repairs any kind of typos in the address fields or even provides an accurate zip code.
  2. Supplementing: Providing the missing address components are added like the street address, the postal code, etc.
  3. Standardizing: It is important to keep up the address format. It can make all the difference when it comes to deliveries. For example, if an apartment number requires the use of “Apt” instead of the symbol “#”, or replacing abbreviations like “St.” with “Street.”

Whenever a customer enters an address in the address fields, if the Google AutoComplete option is used, you can easily fill in the fields without any hassle. All you need to do is enter fragments of the address, and the address fields are filled automatically upon choosing the right address from the list.

address validation

Also, you can even help the customer validate the addresses entered to ensure that they are accurate..

Hence installing the right address validation plugin on your eCommerce store will help to automate most of the process. Moreover, the best part of this option is that it helps customers enjoy a completely streamlined and successful checkout process in your store.

4 Address Validation Systems To Consider

So, what are the best ways to get any shipping address right on your eCommerce store? Integrating the right address validation and verification system into your eCommerce store will help you get things organized.

Here are 4 types of address validation systems to consider:

Partial Verifications: In this option, the address fields get auto-populated once the customer enters the zip code.

Drop Down Verification: Using this method, the addresses can be found in the drop-down, which is mostly preferred by the majority of the shoppers online.

Post-entry verification: Here once the addresses are entered in the fields on the Checkout Page, the address is validated and the software verifies the address entered providing options of correct address or an alternate appropriate shipping address.

Type-ahead verification: This option is indeed a simple way to get the addresses populated in the address fields on the Checkout Page. Here the addresses appear in the fields whenever the customer enters the address.

3 Benefits of Address Validation

Technology does simplify any process and everyone loves it for the same reason. Here the address validation software also helps you with the task of filling the address fields automatically. These tools evoke a sense of confidence in the minds of customers when it comes to address checking or verifying which ensures that the orders will be delivered rightly.

Here is 3 benefits fo the address validation plugin:

Augment the Conversion rates: Entering personal data on the Checkout Page is not a favorite task for customers on an eCommerce store. Conversely, most of the eCommerce store owners are removing the form fields and automating the checkout process to drive better sales. With the right address validation plugin in your store, you can pare down the checkout flow and also reduce cart abandonment.

Reduce loss of revenue: One uncommon reason for delivery failure is wrong address entry in the Checkout Page of your store. Due to these wrong addresses, you are likely going to make a refund or pay additional costs for the re-delivery of the items. This is why you need an accurate address validation plugin in your store.

Improve Customer Satisfaction: If you want to retain your customers, you need to go above and beyond in every way. To upkeep the interest of your existing customers you can ensure delivery success and lasting loyalty which will always improve your customer success quotient eventually.

So where do you find such a fitting WooCommerce plugin for your Store?

If you are looking to incorporate the above-mentioned features and the benefits that it will bring into your store, it is ideal to try using an address validation plugin for your store. Here we show you the features of the address validation plugin ELEX WooCommerce Address Validation & Address Autocomplete Plugin.

The plugin lets you validate the addresses using various APIs obtained from:

address validation

  1. UPS
  2. USPS
  3. EasyPost
  4. Addressfinder API (Australia)

It also uses Google Places Autocomplete to return place predictions in the form of a drop-down pick list on the WooCommerce Checkout Page.

address validation

Learn more about the plugin from the product page.

Use Address Validation to Drive your Sales

For your eCommerce store to run successfully, it is essential to collect addresses that are accurate. In order to eliminate manual errors, it is always better to go for the address validation plugin, which is surely handy in the long run. Moreover, with the right address in your database, you can generate better leads. This is why address validation is important for your eCommerce businesses to avoid failed deliveries, lost packages, and undelivered packages.

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