ELEX Stamps.com USPS Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce – Upload Limit


We were wondering what the upload limit of your plugin. I read somewhere in the previously asked questions that this would only be 50 ‘rows.’ Is there no way to increase this size, to let’s say at least 500?

Then I’d also like to know whether it is possible to exclude the action of showing the tracking data on my account page but instead activate the after ship tracking button?

Would be great to hear from you soon so we can go ahead and install your plugin.


We would appreciate if you can let us know the plugin you are referring to.

Most of our plugins have the feature of attaching tracking information along with order completion email.  So the customer can track his order from the shipment information in his mail.

Unfortunately, we do not provide after ship tracking button in our plugin.
However, could you please provide us a little more detail on this functionality?


I’m talking about the following plugin https://www.xadapter.com/2016/11/11/setting-woocommerce-shipment-tracking-pro-plugin/
Integration with after ship plugin isn’t possible, and we’ve already figured that out. (This plugin has a nicely formatted tracking button that unfolds in tracking info with icons etc. in my account page)

My main question remains, Is it possible to upload more than 50 rows at once? The reason we’re not going with after ship is that they don’t allow you to mass upload tracking numbers, which is important for us cause some days we have to upload >300 numbers and this will (hopefully) only increase.


Uploading 300 or more rows should not be an issue for Shipment Tracking Pro plugin.

We request you to try our demo to verify it yourself- http://trackingprowoodemo.wooforce.com//

Additionally, we would appreciate if you can provide us a sample raw file that you are getting from your shipping carrier. This would help us evolve our product.


This is a link where you can see what I mean!


Many thanks for the link!

We hope to hear from you for resolving your Shipment tracking queries 🙂

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