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How to efficiently resolve your customer’s issues and queries?

When you have limited time and resources, it can get really difficult to efficiently handle all your customer’s issues and queries. While you can’t afford to miss any query at the same time can’t let yourself be stressed up with all the queries simultaneously.

With the ever-increasing platforms for customers to raise their issues, it can get really difficult to maintain a standard response time and answer them all within a time frame.

Let’s consider, your customers have the following way to raise an issue/query –

  1. Your Facebook page.
  2. Facebook groups.
  3. Support Emails.
  4. Support Tickets.
  5. Comments/Reviews on posts/products in your website.

One thing that would help you is a proper planning of the day and writing down things. Yes, “writing down” things rather than typing.

Writing down “to do” things has the potential of magically transforming your day into an effective and efficient one.

For obvious reasons, most of your customer will prefer the “Support Tickets” option. Thus, that is the place where you should spend the bigger chunk of your time.

The thing you should never do is switch from one platform to another in search of queries to answer.

I would recommend starting your day with either checking the comments/reviews or emails. The later is a better idea because checking email as the first task after waking up is the wisest thing to do. So, along with scrolling through all the important emails, you can resolve or redirect some of the customer emails. Your email should have the least number of emails from customers.

If you have the Moderation check on for your comments/reviews, then I would suggest going through them at the end of the day.

After going through email, the next thing to go through would be your Facebook page. A customer can either comment on any of your posts or send you a message. The number in this section is expected to be less. So, you can probably reply to these queries on your way to the office. While the number here is less at the same time, it’s most important to be polite and clear while replying in this platform. That’s the reason why I recommend to check Facebook page right after emails.

Next, just after reaching the office, you should go through all the relevant Facebook groups and filter and reply to any queries/issues related to your products. It’s important to have these quires answered as soon as possible as this would contribute to enhancing your social reputation.

Next is the big task of going through your support tickets and resolve them at one go and not keep any ticket for the next day. Remember of reply to every ticket even if you do not have the immediate fix for an issue.

That’s it! Hope this helped you in having an efficient day at work!


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