Does USPS Deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

Don’t you love to get your parcels on weekends? Choose from a range of special USPS services that can deliver on weekend hours from this useful guide on USPS weekend delivery options.


Being able to deliver on weekends to meet the demands of your customers is indeed a better way to gain their confidence. It is the best way to build a stable enterprise with happy customers. To ensure that eCommerce businesses deliver on weekends, USPS (United States Postal Service) offers plenty of services to meet their needs. By ensuring that delivery is possible outside the normal office hours, more and more couriers are looking for ways to work it out. USPS services are available across locations with arguably the best shipping rates [ Compare the Shipping Cost & Estimated Delivery Date from Leading Shipping Carriers ] which makes it the most popular shipping service in the United States. Thanks to the vast network, it has to expedite the package movement across locations to ensure that the deliveries are made right on time.

If you are looking for knowing more about USPS Saturday and Sunday deliveries, then you have stumbled upon the right article. Let’s explore more about it.

USPS Shipping

United States Postal Service, or better known as USPS, is one of the popular shipping services that offer a wide range of shipping solutions across various locations in the US and its associated states. It is a reputed US Federal Government’s independent agency, which is responsible for offering better postal services across the locations. 

With its wide range of services offered, and also the weekend delivery options, USPS has grown its popularity and fan strength among the popular eCommerce businesses. It offers its services regardless of any geographical locations. Also, they provide timely delivery at an affordable price and quality of service that enthrals the customers. 

Does USPS deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

One of the perplexing questions that come to the mind whenever we approach a courier service is – whether they deliver on weekends? Again, Sundays are out of the question as it is mostly considered as the rest day everywhere.

But yes, USPS does deliver on Saturdays and Sundays.

Which USPS services deliver on weekends?

If you want to give your customers the flexibility of receiving their packages on Saturdays and Sundays, then you need to pick the right USPS shipping services. It is because not all the USPS services offer their services on weekends. You need to choose the right ones which will help you deliver the packages rightly on a Saturday and Sunday. For this you can choose one of the following USPS services:

  • Priority Mail Express
  • First Class Mail
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • First-Class Package

USPS delivery on Weekends completely depends on factors like:

  • The service you opted for shipping.
  • where you are located in the US.
  • The distance from the warehouse.

USPS Saturday deliveries are completely dependent on the USPS service you choose, for example, Priority mail and Priority Mail Express items are most likely to be delivered on Saturdays. As you see, Priority Mail offers delivery within 1-3 business days within the US locations at a starting price of $6.65. And for international locations, it takes up to 6-10 business days to deliver. Like Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail also offers free pickup from your locations, whether office or home, with guaranteed insurance coverage.

Does USPS Deliver on Sundays? 

Yes. USPS does deliver on Sundays, but mostly they deliver only Priority Mail Packages and Amazon Packages. To meet the growing demands of the customers, Sunday delivery has become quite inevitable. So, as said above, the general shipments are not delivered on Sundays by USPS.

What is the cost of delivering on Saturday and Sunday?

If you browse through the costs, the Saturday and Sunday deliveries do not cost you extra. This is mainly because these services are inbuilt with the USPS services. Like any other shipping services, the cost completely depends on the factors like the distance, the shipping service you choose, the weight and dimension of the packages, etc. Here is what you can expect to pay for Saturday and Sunday delivery.

Priority Mail – Starts from $6.40; With a Flat-rate up to 70 lbs; Delivery from Monday to Saturday at no extra cost; Delivery happens within 1-3 business days.

Priority Mail Express – Starts from $22.95; With Flat-rate up to 70 lbs; Delivers all round the year, at no additional costs; Delivery is expected within 1-2 business days.

Delivery hours of USPS on Saturday and Sunday

Now as you know that USPS does deliver on Saturday and Sundays, you would be wondering about the time of delivery. The delivery time for your Saturday delivery completely depends on the mail service you choose and also where exactly you are located. If you want the package to arrive on Saturdays, then you must choose Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail. Mostly the weekend delivery hours depend on the local post office. Though most of the post offices have their working hours, the customers can access the kiosk at any time. Hence most of the Saturday deliveries depend on where you are and again the working hours of your local post office. But again you can expect the delivery to happen the next morning.

Like the Saturday delivery, Sunday delivery also exists but again it’s limited. As said above, the deliveries are limited to Priority Mail Express and Amazon packages. The delivery time completely depends on the local post office timing. For example, if you are in Aurora, Colorado, they deliver between 9 am and 1 pm, whereas in other locations in Colorado the USPS deliver between 11 am and 3 pm.

USPS Shipping services- Price and Expected Delivery dates

This table will give you a precise idea about USPS services and the delivery days, charges, etc.

  Priority mail express First-class mail Retail ground Priority mail
USPS delivery days 365 Days A Year, Including Saturday And Sunday delivery Not Specified Not Specified Monday To Saturday (Except  on Holidays)
Prize Starts At $22.95 

Flat Rate Up To 70lbs

Price Depends On Mail/Package dimension, Weight And Shape Starts At $ 6.75  Flat Rate Up To 70lbs, Starts At $ 6.45 
Features With $100 Insurance, Inclusion Of Proof Delivery, Signature Records And real-time Tracking Information, Overnight Delivery By 10:30 Am, Holidays Delivery Are Available Best Priced Service For 13 Oz. Mail, Insurance worth $5000 for Merchandise Is Covered With Insurance, Can Be Combined With Other Services For Delivery Confirmation, Best Choice For Businesses Only Available On Retail, Choice For Larger Packages That Cannot Be Accommodated In Priority Mail Express And Priority Mail, With Tracking Only Available On Retail, Choice For Large Packages, With USPS Tracking No Surcharge For Fuel Or Rural Residential, Regular Saturday Deliveries is available, Inclusion Of Real-time Tracking For Online Shipping And Retail, With $50 Insurance coverage.


Can you pick up USPS packages on Saturday and Sundays?

USPS offers a wide range of services to its customers. It also offers package pick up options only when the reason for early pickup is valid. You can pick the packages from the USPS offices if you have the tracking details and also with a few exceptions like you want the package to be received earlier, or you have initiated Hold Upon Request from USPS.

The best ways to make use of the USPS Saturday and Sunday Deliveries

Now as you know that USPS delivers on Saturdays and Sundays, let’s see what all can be done to make these options useful.

  1. Firstly create an account with USPS.
  2. Obtain the estimated delivery date and the shipping costs by entering the details for your order.
  3. Choose the appropriate delivery service. Do not forget to choose Priority Mail  Express and Priority Mail for weekend deliveries.
  4. Pay for the shipment.
  5. You can also schedule a USPS pickup at no extra cost.
  6. Provide accurate shipping labels and obtain the correct tracking information.

Following these simple instructions, you can choose the ideal USPS shipping options and also get the weekend delivery options on your packages.

How to give your customers the estimated delivery date option for USPS shipping on the WooCommerce store?

To allow your customers to choose the right USPS shipping that suits their needs as well as obtain an estimated date of delivery you can incorporate a shipping plugin on your WooCommerce store. In order to obtain USPS live shipping rates on your WooCommerce store, you can make use of the ELEX Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce plugin. To get the estimated delivery dates, you can set the following settings in the plugin as shown in the image below.

USPS Saturday and Sunday delivery

The settings are done in the Rates and Services section of the plugin. Once you enable the Estimated Delivery Date, you get to choose the days on which you want the delivery to be made and also input the cut off time too. Once these settings are enabled you can see the estimated delivery date alongside the shipping services in the checkout page as shown in the image below. With the estimated delivery date shown, the customers also can decide upon when they want to receive the package and then choose the desired shipping options from the list while doing a checkout on the store.

USPS Saturday and Sunday delivery

The plugin helps you to calculate the shipping charges based on the locations provided by the customer at the time of checkout.

Advantages of Saturday and Sunday delivery for your customers

There are several advantages to offering weekend delivery in your store. It just becomes a perfect add-on for your store-strategies. Here are a few advantages of offering a weekend delivery on your store.

Lets you offer several shipping options to your customers: Offering customers a 7-day delivery option is an ideal way to impress them. With weekend delivery options available, the customers will be happy to receive the packages in person, as most of them will be at home.

Optimize and increase operational efficiency: With extra days to offer services, it will improve the efficiency of the deliveries happening and helps to move the inventory quickly. Moreover, the deliveries made rightly will give you more space in your warehouse and lets you accept more orders and in turn increase the revenue of the company.

Reduces cart abandonment: With prompt supplies even on Saturdays and Sundays, the customers will be much keener to opt for weekend deliveries and are less likely to abandon the cart.

Offer the best flexibility options for Weekend deliveries to your USPS customers

Giving your customers flexible options when it comes to shipping is the best way to retain them. The Saturday and Sunday deliveries offered at no extra cost by USPS are quite beneficial for your stores. Meeting the needs of your customers is quite important to ensure repeat purchases. Hence it is important to offer weekend deliveries for your customers, whenever possible.

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