Does Australia Post Deliver on Saturdays? Explained in Detail.

Will Australia Post deliver on Saturdays? If that is your question, we’ve got your back. Most people today are working throughout the week, so they cannot afford to take time from work to wait at home during the day to simply receive a package. That’s why it’s crucial to offer delivery services on the weekend, or at least on Saturday, to avoid losing customers.


Plus, with the advent of Amazon Prime and one-day delivery services, weekend delivery isn’t as uncommon as it used to be a few years ago. Most shipping carriers consider Saturday to be a business day and continue normal operations.


In the context of shipping, a “business day” refers to any day on which the courier company or shipping firm that is handling the delivery of your package is operational for the method of delivery that you have selected.


To begin, it is important to note that there are restrictions on the availability of Saturday delivery. Unfortunately, not all shipping carriers offer this service, and it is not available at all locations. 


Having packages delivered on Saturdays is a service that has seen significant growth in recent years. And besides, your customers might be extremely busy during the entire week. They would most likely not have enough time to pick up or even receive their deliveries from Monday to Friday.


A Saturday can only be considered a business day if you’re using a shipping service that offers Saturday pickups and deliveries.


In this article, we are going to find out whether or not Australia Post delivers on Saturdays, as well as their guidelines and procedures regarding deliveries made on the weekend.


Australia Post: Overview

Australia Post: Overview | Does Australia Post Deliver on Saturdays? Australia Post is the postal mail service department that is owned and operated by the Australian government and provides its services throughout the nation. Australia Post’s headquarters are in Melbourne, and the city itself is served by the company’s mail delivery network.


Australia Post makes it possible for its customers to send and receive parcels within the country and to locations all over the world. It operates over 4000 stations and over 8000 routes across the country, including rural and remote places. Easy and low-cost shipping options are provided to customers in over 220 countries.


Australia Post’s service area extends far beyond the borders of the country itself. This indicates that it is able to deliver parcels, packages, and mail not only within Australia but also outside the country to other nations. 


Australia Post’s primary area of business is the delivery of shipments. Not only that, but it also provides business-to-business and agency services in addition to logistics/supply chain management.


In what ways do you benefit from offering weekend delivery to your customers?

In what ways do you benefit from offering weekend delivery to your customers?Shipment delivery on Saturdays is a win-win situation for customers and businesses alike. Here are some of the major benefits of Saturday deliveries:


Time-sensitive customers can be specifically targeted – Develop your target market by focusing on potential customers who are looking for quick shipping solutions. It’s possible that some of them are up against a strict deadline, which demands an emergency delivery over the weekend; alternatively, someone may be in dire need of a prescription product right away.


Again, think of Amazon Prime, and the millions of other same-day delivery services that have made a significant mark in the eCommerce industry in recent years.


Attract a greater number of high-ticket customers – The number of courier companies that operate on the weekends is rather small. If your company offers delivery on the weekends, you will almost certainly see an increase in the number of customers who use it, particularly those who do not mind paying that extra buck to have their items delivered to them quickly.


Better productivity – Even though it can sound like more effort, making deliveries on the weekends might actually help increase the productivity of your shipping operations. Shipping tasks that were previously limited to weekdays can now be completed whenever convenient during the week.


Shipping carriers will be able to better manage their workload if they are not required to make deliveries of abnormally large volumes on Fridays; these packages can instead be held over until the following Saturday.


Strengthen the credibility of your business – By accommodating a customer’s request for weekend delivery, you’ll build trust with them and demonstrate that you care about meeting their requirements above all else. 


So Does Australia Post Deliver on Saturdays?

Now we can get down to business and tackle the question at hand: does Australia Post deliver on Saturdays? The short answer is yes, it does.


Saturday Delivery is a more recent addition to the list of services offered by Australia Post. When you ship something using Express Post, you have the option of adding Saturday Delivery for no additional cost.


Your customers will be able to select this option directly at the checkout screen, preventing them from giving up on their purchase because they are unable to be at home during the week to collect their package.


Orders for Saturday delivery must be placed by 5 pm on the preceding Friday to ensure arrival the following day. Packages can be sent to homes and workplaces, as well as to 24-hour parcel lockers that are available on Saturdays, in addition to post offices and business hubs.


Parcels that are sent via Express Post on Friday before the specified cut-off time within the area that is considered to be the Express Post Saturday Delivery area within your nation are eligible to receive delivery on the following Saturday.


The vast majority of deliveries are scheduled to take place on Saturday between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.


Some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Saturday delivery only applies to packages sent using Express Post that have been pre-paid.
  • You can only send packages to addresses located inside the same state that you reside in, and only certain postcodes are supported.
  • Only send packages to addresses listed as businesses, households, or parcel lockers, as well as post offices.
  • If you want your package delivered on Saturday, you have to mail it on Friday.
  • Both the sender’s address and the recipient’s address are required to be located within the same state.
  • In order to receive the package, the recipient’s zip code must match one of those listed here.
  • Your package will not be delivered by Australia Post if it is addressed to a Locked Bag, PO Box, or GPO Box.


Sending a package through Express Post on a Saturday

Sending a package through Express Post on a Saturday | Does Australia Post Deliver on Saturdays? After you have configured your shopping cart and you have received an order for Saturday Delivery, there are three things you will need to keep in mind.


First, be sure you’re not outside of the delivery area

For your convenience, we have included all of the postcodes that Australia Post covers on Saturdays. This will allow you to determine whether or not the package can be delivered on a Saturday.


Clearly label the package as Saturday delivery.

Express Post Saturday Delivery labels are available for free at select Post Offices and Business Hubs, or you can get them in bulk when you buy Express Post satchels from their Online Shop. After you have paid for the postage, all that is left to do is attach a sticker to your package.


Ship by Friday

Send your package on Friday before the cut-off time from a postal service, an Express Post street posting box, or your previously scheduled pick-up location, if you want it to be delivered on Saturday by Express Post.


Setting up Saturday Shipping within your WooCommerce Store

If you ship on a regular basis and want to integrate Australia Post into your WooCommerce store and set up Saturday Delivery, the ELEX WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin with Print Label & Tracking is an excellent tool to do so.


You will be able to provide customers with real-time pricing information for a variety of Australia Post services, such as eParcel, StarTrack Courier, and MyPost Business.

Setting up Saturday Shipping within your WooCommerce StoreIt gives you the ability to generate and print shipping labels, as well as track shipments and configure custom box packaging options for the shipments.


So not only will this plugin streamline all of your Australia Post shipping operations, but it also enables you to set a cut-off time,  specify your store’s business days, and automatically display the estimated delivery dates on your cart and checkout pages. 

Does Australia Post Deliver on Saturdays?

Does Australia Post Provide Delivery Services on Sundays?

Since all government offices are closed during the weekends, Australia Post, which is a government-owned postal service, follows the same practice. You won’t see Australia Post delivering on Sundays except in a few exceptional circumstances, including during the busiest seasons of the year, like festivals, Christmas, and the new year.


Does Australia Post Continue to Deliver During the Holidays?

Does Australia Post Continue to Deliver During the Holidays?The services provided by Australia Post and its business hours could be affected due to public holidays. The majority of the time, post offices will be closed in observance of national public holidays. On certain national and local holidays, certain post offices may choose to remain open. Some of the larger retailers in bustling urban areas or massive shopping malls may fall into this category. There will be no delivery of any kind, including Express Post packages, for any mail or deliveries.


Some post offices might be open on holidays observed by the state, the region, or the city, depending on the specifics of the holiday in question and the arrangements made at the local and state level. During holidays observed at the state, regional, or local level, there will be no mail or parcel delivery in the local region, including those of items sent via Express Post.


Express Post packages sent before the end of business hours on the business day before a public holiday will be delivered on the first business day following the public holiday. All domestic, international, and Saturday Delivery Express Post packages are subject to this rule.


New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day are the officially recognized days of a public holiday. Shipping services may be affected and vary accordingly during these days. It is always advisable to ship time-sensitive packages beforehand to avoid delays during the holiday season.


Wrapping Up

Numerous advantages can be gained from Saturday delivery services, which meet a pressing need in today’s fast-paced culture. Both buyers and sellers benefit from this service; buyers want to get what they’re looking for quickly and easily, while sellers don’t want to lose any customers. It is essential to setting your company apart from competitors and grow your customer base to provide as many shipping options as possible to your customers.


If you haven’t already set up Saturday deliveries for your store, this is your sign to set it up today! We hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of what Saturday Deliveries with Australia Post entail, as well as all of the factors that should be taken into consideration while setting it up.


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