Customers are being overcharged for media mail

Customer :

We’ve set every item with dimension and proper weight. We’ve set packing to “recommended.” The customers are being overcharged for media mail. My client previously used Magento and never had a problem — the dimensions and weights for the products have not changed. We’ve tripled checked every item. But it overcharges — we check postage against Endicia with our shipping platform, T-hub, and it’s overcharging.

Please help us figure out our settings so we don’t continue to overcharge! Thank you!

Support :

We hope you were successful in setting up the plugin. For any help on setup of the plugin, you can check the following link

Once you are done, if you have any problem with the shipping services or rates, kindly do the following:

1. Enable the debug option from the settings tab and try debugging the transaction by analyzing the request and response. For more information on debugging, kindly check the following link:

2. To compare the rates with the rates returned from, kindly check the rates on your account/ software

On performing these things, if the problem persists, kindly provide us with the following information

  • Screenshot of account rates.
  • Request and response in a text file.

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