How to Choose the Best Plugin for WooCommerce USPS Shipping Integration?

USPS (United States Postal Service) is an independent agency of the United States Federal Government. It is responsible for providing postal service in the United States. It is also the most used shipping methods in the US because of its wide reach in the states. Integrating USPS Shipping services to your store enhances your WooCommerce shipping methods as you can display precise shipping rates to your customers.

ELEX has three options to integrate USPS services on your site. These are:

  1. ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label
  2. ELEX Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce
  3. ELEX EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce

Ok. Now you are spoiled for choice! Let’s consider a few aspects to help you decide

WooCommerce Shipping Plugins – What does a store owner expect?

Generally, Online store owners look for the following features in a shipping plugin:

  • It should show real-time rates for the services
  • It should be able to create and print shipping labels.
  • Pay postage charges (Stamps) online or through an account so that customer can have a record for that.

Apart from these if the service provider is providing Insurance, Refund of accidentally destroyed postage and discounted postage rates, it’s more than enough.

Available Functionalities and Choices

The preference for a specific functionality of a shipping plugin is totally dependent on a store owner’s need. We can try and differentiate features of three top WooCommerce USPS integrated plugins, and choose appropriately.

Variety in Shipping Rates

As you know EasyPost is a multi-carrier Shipping Service, it fetches shipping rates from carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS. This means your customers will see shipping rates from three service provider.  In addition, if you are based in Canada, you get rates from CanadaPost too. So if you want to offer a wide range of shipping services, EasyPost is the plugin for you.

And if you want to confine yourself to  USPS rates only, you should go with the USPS Shipping Plugin. When compared, the USPS Shipping Plugin provides more USPS services compared to the other two.

All three plugins fetch USPS postage rates for both domestic and international shipping services, based on the product weight, box dimensions, chosen service, shipping destination etc.

Postage Paid Labels

With the introduction of e-VS by USPS, the scene of printing postage paid labels will change a lot. e-VS allows store owners to pay for the postage online. You can test the label printing feature of e-VS in USPS Shipping Plugin in the Test Environment and try registering for e-VS. You can also register here. For greater insights on postage volume required for printing labels, you need to contact USPS.

Printing of postage-paid labels, within WooCommerce, has been available with Shipping Plugin and EasyPost Shipping Plugin. e-VS works on the same pattern. If you get a PostalOne Account you’ll be able to pay for postage through this account.

For each of the plugins,  shipping Labels can be generated by clicking ‘Generate Package’ on the WooCommerce order details page. The plugin will automatically send shipment details to e-VS/ online account, and then generate the shipping label (GIF/JPG/PDF), which you can print. As mentioned above, postage is automatically paid for these labels using your e-VS/ accounts.

In addition, there is an option to change the shipping service and box/parcel dimensions manually before generating a label. EasyPost and Shipping plugins return automatic tracking codes with each label generated. USPS tracking services from the USPS shipping plugin also work automatically you are not required to pay any extra fee for tracking.

Cheapest Shipping Rates to your Customers

I’ll leave it you to decide the cheapest of the three in this regard. Discounted rates are rates that USPS offers to its Business Plan holders. They also offer commercial rates for Click-N-Ship customers which are slightly lesser than offline rates/ rates in post offices. So arranging the postage rates in ascending order it will be Business Plan<Commercial<Offline Rates

EasyPost and get even higher discounts as they buy postage in huge volume. EasyPost offers you the exact same rate at which it buys it from USPS. rates are 5%-40% lesser than USPS Business Plan rates. The amount of discount depends on the type of shipping service used. For instance, Priority Mail services rates with are usually 5% less than the USPS commercial rates.

Extra Charge

USPS doesn’t charge any extra charge other than the postage charges. As you grow in postage usage and reach beyond 50 pieces in one shipment or a combined weight of 50lbs or more, you may get postages for cheaper rates(Subject to USPS policies).

EasyPost will charge you 1 cent/ postage used other than the postage charges. The postage charges offered as again the lowest among all three. This is because can buy even one postage at the same rate EasyPost buys 50,000 First Class postage or 5000 Priority postages from USPS. So it is highly discounted. Discover more Features of EasyPost that makes this the most innovative plugins in the shipping industry. don’t go with per postage charge, rather it charges a monthly fee of $15.99 in addition to the postage charges. If you are a bulk mailer you can go for the $24.99 plan.

The following table summarises most of the feature discussed and includes some additional features too.

Plugin ELEX WooCommerce
USPS Shipping
Plugin with Print Label
ELEX EasyPost shipping Method For WooCommerce ELEX Plugin
with USPS
Postage for
Version 4.0.1 1.6.5 2.0.1
Last Updated  2018-03-29 2018-04-03 2018-03-15
Active Installations  6000+ 200+ 800+
Ratings 4.89 4.5 4.69
Cost of Plugin $69.00-$199.00 $69.00-$199.00 $69.00-$199.00
Charges other than Postage None 1 cent/ package $15.99/month
 Price Plans Click-N-Ship (less than 50 pieces/month)

Click-N-Ship Business Pro (Min 50pieces or 50lbs at a time) Contact USPS for eligibility

    Commercial Plus Pricing       (Discounted Postage Rates)

        Negotiated Service             Agreement based on high     volume usage

Pro@ $15.99

Premier@ $24.99

Free Demo Available

Click to Test Demo


Click to Test Demo


Click to Test Demo

Live USPS Rates  Yes  Yes, with additional Shipping Rates from FedEx and UPS  Yes
 Location Domestic, International Domestic, International Domestic, International
Label Printing  Needs a minimum quantity of  shipment in the prior year to use e-VS

            Prints Labels with                                   USPS Postage

     Prints Labels with USPS    Postage
Tracking  Automatic and Manual  Automatic and Manual  Automatic and Manual
 Taxes Automatic and Manual Automatic and Manual Automatic and Manual
Edit Name of Services  Yes Yes Yes
Shipping Rate Adjustments Available Available Available
Insurance Available up to $500 @ various rates. Click to check. Fully Insured @ 1% the total cost of postage    Covers up to $10,000           @up to 40% lesser than USPS rates

Winding Up

USPS is a great choice when you are a small or a medium business. But it never means that you will suffer in case your business expands. USPS shipping services are equally good for large businesses too.  And all thee plugins with USPS Integration API are in harmony with the actual USPS service.  So if you don’t have a USPS Shipping Plugin for your store get one soon.  You can check our product page for further information on various other shipping solutions. If you have any queries regarding USPS Shipping Integration API or any specific plugin you can contact our Online Support or leave a comment below.

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