What is the best WordPress live chat plugin?

Every business is looking for ways to augment their customer satisfaction in one or the other way. To interact with your customers seamlessly, it is important to maintain the channels of communication clear and precise. Most of the time email seems to be a tedious way of communicating for the customers. This is when live chat plugins become a major component on any business page to facilitate easy communication. With chat, it will be easier for your clients to contact you quickly. WSChat is a complete WordPress chat plugin to help you channelise all your communication in a WordPress platform.

What are the essential features of a WordPress chat plugin?

Figuring out what are the essential features for a WordPress chat plugin is important when you are finding out what are the alternative channels to keep your customer satisfaction upright.  So here are some essential features that make a WordPress chat plugin the best one :

  1. A clean and neat interface.
  2. Mobile responsive designs,.
  3. A way to receive messages even when the customer service is offline.
  4. Analytics tools.
  5. Essential Customization
  6. Allowing multiple interactions from a single window.

As you can see, these features are the major requisite when you consider any WordPress chat plugin.

WSChat – A Complete intuitive WordPress chat plugin

WSChat | WordPress Chat plugin

WordPress chat plugin WSChat can work independently unlike any other SaaS-based chat plugins. It works with WordPress without making any API calls. WSChat can easily convert all user concerns into trackable tickets.WSChat just swiftly manages all the customer communications and quickly handle all the needs of the customers at an instant without any delays. A number of features make WSChat, the best WordPress chat plugin to accomplish clear communication with the customers.

WSChat -Features

Let’s take a look at what makes WSChat one of the most popular WordPress chat plugin in use.

Affordable price

WSChat comes with a one time cost, unlike other SaaS-based popular plugins. No hidden costs or recurring charges, which makes it an ideal one for small to big enterprises.

Price | WSChat | WordPRess Chat Plugin

Compelling designs with attractive themes and quick customizations

WSChat comes with three different sized widgets – small, modern and tiny. Easy to customize and design your chat widget to suit your website design. You can also change font colors and background colors for the chat widget.

Widget Setting | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

Settings can be customized to suit the need of the website it is used for. Each widget has specific attributes to be modified to satisfy the need.

Standard –  The widget has options to modify colors to match the appearance of the widget on the website.Standard Design | WSChat | WordPRess chat Plugin

Modern – This widget has options for changing the background to predefined images as well customize the colours for text, background and much more.

Modern widget |WSChat |WordPress Chat Plugin

Tiny – The widget has the option to change the colour in the background.

Tiny widget chat | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin


Lightweight and easy to install

Unlike other plugins, WSChat is easy to install and use. It is a lightweight plugin with all the necessary features of an ideal WordPress chat plugin.

Interactive real-time conversation with visitors

Once you install WSChat, you can immediately start a conversation with your client without any hassle. Start an interactive session once your user opens up the web page, where you can easily reply to the user. It helps to boost presale or even post-sale clarifications. Real-time conversations are important to maintain strong ties with your customers

Easy to Identify active users

WSChat lets you view live visitors on the dashboard. It allows you to initiate a conversation with your customers through these live links. In this way, you can proactively initiate a conversation with the users and even enquire what kind of help they seek. It is an ideal approach to activate presale queries.

Live visitors tracking | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

Can easily initiate a conversation from the agent’s side

Even if the customer is logged into your website, you can initiate a conversation with the user. It would be a proactive way of interacting with the users and understanding what they need from your website.

Agent Initated Chat | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

Mobile responsive designs

It is ideal to have a chat plugin suitable for all screen sizes. WSChat plugin has a mobile responsive design, hence it is easy to start a conversation with your client at any time. It will help you keep track of your customer needs and demands from anywhere without much struggle.

Easy to create pre-chat Forms

Whenever the chat is offline, you can create a pre-chat form that will be included in the chat window. In this way, you can always keep your customers engaged even when you are not online.

Pre chat forms | WSChat | WordPress Chat plugin

Once it is enabled, you can see :

PrechatEnabled | WSChat | WordPress Caht Plugin

You can also add value to the form as per your business needs.

Offline Chat Form | WSChat | WordPress chat Plugin

Unlimited agents

WSChat does not apply restrictions to the number of agents using WSChat. In this way, it comes at the most affordable price, with no recurring cost depending on the number of agents on the team. You can easily add more agents and specify their roles clearly in the WSChat plugin.

Unlimited Agents | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

Analyse Chat reports

It is easy to analyse the agent’s performance using the reporting tool in WSChat. In one way you can track performance as well as effectively suggest an improvement for enhancing your customer service.

WSChat analysis | WordPress Chat Plugin

Easy integration with WSDesk

WSDesk is a fool-proof support ticket plugin, used extensively to manage customer support tickets. WSChat can easily integrate with WSDesk without any difficulty. Agents from WSDesk can be imported to WSChat with just one click. As well as, the issues or concerns raised in the WSChat can also be moved to the WSDesk helpdesk plugin at ease.

Import to WSDesk | WordPress Chat plugin


Once clicking on convert to WSDesk, the ticket data needs to be entered by the agent.

Ticket to WSDesk | WordPress chat plugin

Tickets will be added to the unsolved queue for the WSDesk plugin.

Ticket to WSDesk | Worpress chat plugin

Unlimited Attachment

Customers can easily upload images or any supporting documents regarding their issues or concerns in the WSChat window.

Chat Attachement | WSChat | WordPressChat Plugin


To wrap up, it is important to note that  WSChat has multiple essential features required for a business-related chat plugin. Unlike other popular SaaS-based chat plugins in the market, WSChat can work independently on your server, hence offering complete data security for your business data. Hence with minimal investment, you can easily include a chat widget on your web page and a quick fix of all your customer queries.

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