8 Best Multi-carrier shipping APIs for Developers

Every online store starts out small, but soon requires at least two to three carrier partners to handle order fulfillment. On the other hand, managing several carriers is a task that calls for the assistance of a Multi-Carrier Shipping System. With over 100 million people now buying online, there are several chances for market development and expansion. Change, nevertheless, has a cost. When you are filling thousands of orders per month, keeping and managing your connection with international and regional carriers is important.

In the past, tracking orders from the platforms of each individual courier company was necessary for eCommerce retailers to evaluate the shipping performance of carriers. Today, the majority of internet shops throughout the world rely on shipping aggregators and other highly efficient multi-carrier shipping APIs to avoid this unpleasant complication.

Based on pre-set contracts, logistics/shipping aggregators provide rapid essential integration with certain shipping APIs. These eCommerce aggregators make sure APIs operate accurately and efficiently, and they minimize manual operations.

Young companies with smaller order quantities might benefit from these services. Platforms for multi-carrier integration offer superior solutions for larger businesses, as well as greater flexibility and room to create separate agreements with shipping partners.

In order to provide you with the most effective shipping options, these systems integrate increasingly complicated Shipping and Courier APIs. The ideal shipping experience for your consumers is provided by doing this.

We’ll go through the best multi-carrier shipping solutions in this post, which are perfect for website developers to integrate with their applications.

ReachShip API

ReachShip API homepage

Using the ReachShip Multi-Carrier Shipping API, you can compare and evaluate each shipping quotation provided by a variety of prominent carriers, including DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Australia Post MyPost Business. Other shipping carrier options are intended to be added in the future. A number of elements help to speed up the shipping process. It maintains track of everything, from delivering things to clients’ doorsteps to validating the correctness of addresses supplied.

The simplest yet most effective shipping API connection for handling shipments Obtaining freight estimates and printing shipping labels are both free of charge. Because the only expenses that apply are those particular to direct shipping carriers, this is one of the most effective strategies to optimize your whole shipping process.


  • The ReachShip API is user-friendly for developers since it is made available via a REST API and reacts to instructions and processes them using JSON.
  • It provides a solid management framework for WooCommerce shipping that is suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • All types of enterprises can utilize the ReachShip API without paying a fee. The only fees that could be incurred are for any additional services that a person may select.
  • Comparing shipping costs from several carriers is simple.
  • It offers packaging suggestions and the option to create shipping labels.

ClickPost API

ClickPost API homepage

For e-commerce businesses looking to automate and expedite their logistics procedures while offering amazing post-purchase shipping experiences to their clients, ClickPost is the world’s fastest-growing cloud-based solution. With only a few clicks, ClickPost enables you to interface with more than 350 carrier partners.

By allowing you to construct an order-tracking page, alert customers automatically (by email, text message, WhatsApp, and IVR), arrange pick-up and delivery, and do many other tasks, ClickPost’s major features assist you in improving your post-purchase shipping experience.

The ClickPost return module makes it simple for users to automate and handle returns and exchanges for many product categories. Additionally, ClickPost aids in managing NDR (Non-Delivery Rate) and significantly lowering  RTO’s (Return To Origin). Popular applications like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Unicommerce, Increff, and many more are simple to interface with using ClickPost.


  • Go online with a new carrier in a day and integrate with 350+ carrier partners in a few clicks.
  • Utilize an advanced carrier recommendation engine to lower your delivery expenses and increase efficiency.
  • Improve brand loyalty and the post-purchase shipping experience with the use of omnichannel communication through SMS, Email, and WhatsApp.
  • Reduce your RTO by 30 to 50% by managing NDR with the aid of ClickPost’s all-inclusive NDR management system.
  • Effectively manage returns and automate the allocation of couriers for reverse pickup.
  • Easy storefront and WMS integration
  • Control role-based user access by establishing admins for unrestricted access and “end users” for daily access restrictions.

Shippo API

Shippo API homepage


Another California-based business that predominantly serves the US is Shippo, which specializes in supply chain management software and parcel transportation. However, it also manages delivery overseas and foreign shipments. It may assist with import and export documents as a provider of services with global operations. Shippo software makes it simple to handle orders by automatically creating packing slips and shipping labels.

Additionally, it enables online merchants to provide consumers a single-view tracking page where they may get automatic alerts when their orders have been picked up or are on their way to be delivered as well as real-time delivery updates on their parcels.

With its API, analytics, insights, and reports are implementation-ready and include intelligent defaults, programmable automations, and native connectivity to the most widely used eCommerce platforms.


  • Access more than 85 carriers globally and the lowest prices for each one.
  • Ship using local carriers that are only accessible through the Shippo platform.
  • Divide orders over many shipments.
  • Print as many as 100 labels at once in bulk.
  • Create labels more quickly by using pre-filled shipment information.
  • Print labels using your personal equipment.
  • Automatically sync orders with your e-commerce platform.
  • Automate processes throughout the fulfillment process.
  • Receive expert help and support.

ShipStation API

ShipStation API homepage

ShipStation was created as a multi-carrier, multi-channel shipping solution to make the shipment and fulfillment process easier for online businesses. ShipStation is able to save merchants time and money by increasing their shipping efficiency. It powers thousands of businesses and processes millions of shipping labels each month.

ShipStation does this by automatically gathering and combining order data from over 70 sales channels, applying a preconfigured set of shipping preferences to each order based on your preferences, processing and printing customized shipping labels and packing slips (up to 500 in a single batch), and automatically updating each store with shipping status and tracking data.

Here is a link to the ShipStation API integration documentation for developers.


  • ShipStation makes it simple to manage all of your orders from a single platform thanks to direct connections with more than 70 of the most popular selling channels.
  • For all of your online orders, ShipStation enables you to rapidly produce reduced shipping labels.
  • Give customers a wonderful post-purchase experience by using branded delivery.
  • Manage your inventory effectively from a warehouse or other remote location.
  • Create shipping labels for your shipping methods and import orders from anywhere you sell.

ShippingEasy API

ShippingEasy API homepage


The online seller and eCommerce business that wants to automate and relieve the pain from numerous back-end fulfillment processes, such as printing precise shipping labels, printing labels in batches, applying shipping rules to assign postage to typical order types, automatically sending tracking status emails to customers, streamlining the returns process, managing inventory, and many other tasks, should use ShippingEasy.

ShippingEasy interfaces with the e-commerce platforms you use and receives orders instantaneously, allowing you to process them fast and precisely. Once an order is completed, ShippingEasy automatically posts the order status back to those platforms. A few examples of platforms are WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, and Paypal, among many more.

In addition to streamlining, automating, and making shipping easier, ShippingEasy provides you with instant access to the lowest shipping prices, independent of your personal shipment volume, for USPS along with access to a variety of other carriers, including UPS, DHL, FedEx, and many more.


  • Huge savings on USPS shipping options include Express Mail, Priority Mail, Flat Rate, Regional Rate, and International Shipments
  • Smaller, heavier shipments are subject to significant reductions from Flat Rate Green.
  • Shipping, tracking, and returns are all streamlined by effective automation.
  • Integrates with all significant e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and shopping carts.
  • Automatically assign carriers depending on the preferred delivery methods of your clients.
  • Run comprehensive shipment reports or group by service or destination.
  • monitoring data supplied in real time to your consumers and retailers.
  • Automatically send branded shipping and delivery confirmation emails.
  • and a lot more.

EasyPost API

EasyPost API homepage

You may include shipping into your website using the simple, intuitive EasyPost API. Print mailing labels, track shipments, receive real-time shipping prices, and much more with EasyPost. You can generate shipping labels online, check addresses, track goods, and make sure shipments using the EasyPost API.

You may generate different API keys for test and production servers using the EasyPost API, which leverages Basic Auth for authentication. Additionally, the API supports addresses from more than 240 countries at various levels. Address, packages, shipments, and trackers are only a few of the fundamental features the API includes. The API also enables batch operations so you may manage a variety of shipments.

Here is a link to the EasyPost API integration documentation along with the API Status for developers.


  • EasyPost API was designed to be adaptable and expandable.
  • Developers can integrate rapidly thanks to the integrated RESTful API.
  • EasyPost has a comprehensive help library and documentation.
  • Using the Batches feature, purchase and print labels in bulk.
  • Easily include customs information in all overseas shipments.
  • Connect with any of the more than 100 partner carriers at any given time.
  • For scan-based return labels and returns, use the API.

eShipz API

eShipz API homepage

To automate their logistics, commercial and eCommerce organizations can use the shipping software eShipz. The logistics process and fulfillment operations will be made more efficient with the use of features like NDR management, Bulk manifest, Import orders, One-Click Order Synchronization, Automatic Bulk Shipping Label Generation, Batch label printing, and Multiple Carriers.

As a result, you may sync every Order with your eShipz dashboard. Your dispatch staff now has broad visibility, enabling them to quickly produce shipping labels. Additionally, clients receive regular email and SMS updates up until the time the package is delivered. Your dispatch team may ship your packages using Blue Dart, FedEx, DHL, Delhivery, XpressBees, EcomExpress, and other significant carriers thanks to the automatic sync feature available for WooCommerce, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and many more platforms.


  • Provide a different instruction to the courier during the final stage of delivery if needed. All unfulfilled orders may be handled in one location using analytics and instruction-based software.
  • The shipping software in the cloud is functional right out of the box. Otherwise known as plug and play.
  • Integrate eShipz with more than 120 shipping providers and a variety of well-liked e-commerce platforms. For all your shipping carrier integrations, a single dashboard
  • Automatic Bulk Label and Packing Slip creation, as well as API interaction with all major transport firms. Automate the entire shipping process for your online store.
  • By automatically producing labels with your preferred shipping provider and preserving package information, you may save time, avoid human errors, and speed up productivity. Moreover, batch printing is supported.
  • Follow the progress of your package and let your customers know when it has been delivered.

ShipRocket API

ShipRocket API homepage

Businesses may ship via Fedex, Aramex, Delhivery, Ecom Express, DTDC, and other carriers at reduced shipping costs by using the automated shipping application Shiprocket. This platform has functions like order import, pickup scheduling, shipping to more than 29000 pin codes in India, and return order management all in one location.

Shiprocket uses a machine learning-based data engine, CORE, that suggests the best courier service for each cargo in order to assist merchants in choosing the best courier partner for each shipment. Shiprocket moreover provides API connection, allowing vendors to map orders directly from their website and handle them through a solitary account. Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, and Amazon are just a few of the more than 12 websites and marketplaces that Shiprocket offers connectivity with.


  • ShipRocket offers incredibly close-by deliveries.
  • Ship from one platform with 17+ carrier partners.
  • Determine the shipping costs based on the pin codes for the origin and destination, the approximate weight, and the shipment’s dimensions.
  • Utilize a single platform to manage all of your forward and return orders.
  • Ship to more than 220 nations worldwide.
  • You don’t pay any monthly or startup costs when using Shiprocket.
  • iOS and Android application that is simple to use.


The visual elements, such as the layout, navigation, graphics, and other aesthetics, are designed and developed by developers. These developers’ primary responsibility is to create user interfaces that assist consumers in achieving their objectives, in this case setting up a reliable shipping integration for their website.

Given their many features, shipping APIs may be quite helpful for online retailers. This can provide integration with third-party carriers easily, like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and many more. The use cases for these APIs are obviously varied and entirely depending on the demands of the particular project at hand.

The shipping APIs mentioned above are ideal for multi-carrier integration and help with a wide range of parcel shipment management problems that could develop as your company grows. 

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