Best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India

The Best DHL WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for India

In this article, we take a look at the best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India which can be easily integrated to your WooCommerce store.


Best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India

Shipping is a major concern when it comes to businesses. DHL is one of the widely accepted solutions when it comes to shipping anything across locations. DHL offers various services that are affordable and economical when it comes to shipping. If you want to make use of DHL services in your WooCommerce store, then you can make use of the ELEX DHL plugin. The plugin helps to display shipping rates and also track the shipments right from the store itself. Being an Official DHL Partner, the plugin is an ideal solution for your shipping across locations.

Best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India

Now, with ELEX DHL India Add-on, you can easily avail the services of DHL in your WooCommerce store in India for seamless shipping. The plugin helps to smoothen the services to ship across Indian locations without any hassle. The addon specifically works when both the shipping and billing addresses are of Indian locations. If one of the addresses is not from India, then it proceeds with the ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express / eCommerce / Paket Shipping Plugin with Print Label.

Best DHL WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for India

Here are the features that make the ELEX DHL India Add-on the best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India.

#1. Display Live DHL Shipping Rates on your Cart and Checkout page

Using the DHL plugin, you can display the live shipping rates on your cart and checkout page. When you use the DHL India Add-on, your rates will be with respect to the Indian locations you enter in the shipping and billing addresses. You can also display the shipping rates with the estimated delivery date on your cart and checkout pages.

Here you can choose the working days and the cut-off time for delivery. Accordingly, the DHL services will also display the dates for an estimated delivery on the cart and the checkout page.

#2. Shipping Services and Price Adjustments

You can list your shipping services and even choose the desired ones to be displayed depending on the services you can deliver. Moreover, you can also opt for price adjustments for individual services. You can either increase or decrease the value.

#3. Shipment Tracking

It becomes easy to track the orders when they are in transit using the plugin. You can update the customer with the required notification using the order page and also emails. Once the order shipment is generated, you get the tracking number for the order. The customer can also check the order in transit using the tracking number obtained from DHL for the package.

Best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India

#4. Allows shipping your products to any Indian addresses even interior destinations seamlessly using DHL India services

Using the plugin, it becomes easy to ship your products to Indian locations, even remote locations, as the add-on immediately detects the addresses from India and lets you process the order. If one or the other location is not an address from India, then automatically the shipment will be processed using the ELEX DHL plugin. 

Best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India

#5. Allows adding, GSTIN, IGST value, GST Invoice number etc.

When shipping in India, you need to add the GST, GST Value, GST Invoice number m the GSTIN values etc. Using the  ELEX DHL India Add-on,  you can help Indian WooCommerce store owners to process the shipping of packages through DHL using the DHL India Add-on. You can also include import and export code, that is used for legalized import and export.

Best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India

#6. Authorize your shipments with Bonds and Letter of Undertaking(LUT).

If you are shipping any bonds or LUT, you can authorize the same using the add-on.

#7. Efficient Packaging process using a packing algorithm.

Using DHL plugin, you can make use of the excellent packaging option which is economical and suitable for your shipments. Basically DHL provides three packing options. 

  1. Pack Items individually – where in the items are packed in individual packages.
  2. Pack into boxes with weight and dimensions – where in the items are packed into boxes with specific dimensions. Here you can also add custom boxes with specific dimensions.
  3. Weight-based packing – wherein the shipping is calculated on the basis of the order total weight.

Best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India

#8. Print DHL Shipping labels.

Labels are important when you are shipping any items. Using the DHL shipping plugin, you can easily print the shipping labels for your orders right from your order page. If you are processing orders in bulk, then you can make use of the bulk printing add-on for DHL to process the shipping labels printing. You can also print commercial invoice from your store.

Best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin for India

To Wrap up,

These are the features of the best DHL WooCommerce shipping plugin in India. If you want to enhance the features of your DHL India add-on, you can make use of the ELEX DHL plugin which has the following features :

  1. Access real-time rates from DHL Express service.
  2. Provide DHL Estimated Delivery date for customers.
  3. Breakdown charges for customers on the checkout page for better understanding.
  4. Option to show only the cheapest price for shipping.
  5. Print DHL shipping label.
  6. Bulk Print DHL shipping labels.
  7. Generate pickup requests for orders.
  8. Easy shipment tracking.
  9. Efficient Packing options.

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