Best Alternative for Wise Chat WordPress

It is easy to find a live chat plugin for your WordPress website. But it is important to choose the best one that satisfies all your requirements when searching for a live chat plugin for your website.

Wise Chat is one of the popular chat plugins available for WordPress websites. Many of the customers have already been using it and they are pretty much satisfied with the functionalities of this plugin. But, is there any alternative for this plugin in the WordPress ecosystem? Let us check which is the best alternative for Wise Chat WordPress.

First, let us go through some of the major functionalities of the Wise Chat plugin.

Major Features Available on Wise Chat Plugin

This chat plugin is a freemium plugin as you may start with its basic version and update to the paid one later.

Best Alternative for Wise Chat WordPress | wisechat

The premium version features are as follows:

  • Supports multiple chat rooms.
  • 7 default chat widget themes.
  • Option to add webhooks to customize the features.
  • Notifies customers and admin through emails when a message has been received.
  • Emoji support.
  • Supports WordPress multi-sites.
  • Private chat conversations with customers.
  • BuddyPress integration for group chats.

These are the major features of this live chat plugin.

But what if you need more advanced features in addition to these features? What if you are having a WooCommerce website and looking for a live chat plugin that incorporates product and order details? Or, what if you need to integrate AI to trigger automated replies to customers?

The solution is – WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin.

How Does WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin Become the Best Alternative for Wise Chat?

WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin is an advanced live chat plugin that already comes up with a handful of advanced features to satisfy all your requirements. You can also use it as a customer support chat plugin for your website. And it is highly compatible with the WooCommerce platform.

In many ways WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin proves it is the best alternative for the Wise Chat plugin.

Let us check the core features of WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin to get more clarity for you.

1. 100% Security Over Your Data

Unlike other chat plugins, this plugin ensures high security of your data by letting you store data on your server. No external entities will hamper your workflow and 0% security breach are ensured by this plugin. You will be the exclusive owner of your data.

2. Best Suitable for Pre-sale Assistance

Pre-sale assistance is important when it comes to a business environment. With this plugin, you will be able to monitor the visitors of your website with relevant details such as which page they are viewing and how long they have been spending on the page. Using these details, you would get an idea regarding the purchase choice of the customer. You can reach out to them before they send a message to you.

Best Alternative for Wise Chat WordPress | Monitor-the-Visitors-in-Real-Time-2

This will increase the personal touch as the customers will feel personalized assistance.

3. Notifications to Agents and Visitors

As Wise Chat helps to send email notifications to the customers and admins on your websites, WSChat also helps to do the same. You can configure it accordingly to trigger email notifications when a new message has been received.

In addition to that, you can set a custom sound notification for the agents as well as customers when a new message is received. Hence the agents and customers will not miss any messages.

4. Agent-friendly Features

As I have mentioned before, this plugin works well for customer support in your WordPress website as well as WooCommerce store, You can create as many agent profiles as you need since this plugin doesn’t limit the count of agent profiles. And, if you have integrated WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System Plugin as your customer support platform, you can easily import the agents from it.

5. Unlimited Chat Record Storage

This plugin allows you to store unlimited chat history. This will help you to take up any chat from the past to check for any reference or other uses.

6. Customizable Chat Widget

When it comes to Wise Chat, it already comes up with 7 themes from which you can choose one. With WSChat, you can customize the chat theme colors to any color you wish. Hence, whatever may be your website theme and color, you can make the widget match with your website.

Similarly, your agents can also change the theme color of their chat dashboard accordingly. There are some predefined colors, from which they can choose one they are comfortable with.

7. Interesting Emojis

You can find interesting emojis in this plugin, which makes the chatting experience more interesting and engaging for customers. Emojis add a friendly flavor to the conversations and it will help to know the exact attitude of customers towards your services.

8. Add More Options on Chat Header

By default, customers will have a mute button to disable the notification sound. Additionally, you can add 4 more features to make customer support and conversation experience more precise. You can add the option to record and send a video instantly, or send an entire chat to an entered email ID, send file attachments, and there is an option to like or dislike the customer service experience.

These are custom options. You can include or exclude accordingly.

9. You will not Miss Any Customer’s Chat

This plugin allows you to display a pre-chat form to let the visitors fill up the details including their contact information. This will help you to take the details of unregistered/guest users. You can use the pre-chat form when you are online as well as offline. So you will not skip any customer queries. Using the customer’s contact details, you can contact them later.

Best Alternative for Wise Chat WordPress | Notification-for-filling-mandatory-fields-on-pre-chat (1)By default, this plugin provides 3 fields for the pre-chat form such as name, email ID, and phone number. You can add other custom fields and make them mandatory fields to be filled up by the customers.

10. Monitor Live Customer Details

From the chatting dashboard, the agents can check the customers’ name, email ID, phone number, location, etc. This will help to know about the customer’s location and the page they are viewing. Using these details, you can analyze the potential products and locations for your business.

11. Highly Compatible with WooCommerce

This plugin is highly compatible with WooCommerce as it takes the purchase history of the customers in your store and the list of products in the customer’s shopping cart. You can also assist the customers by suggesting products using a search option in this plugin and send it to customers in one click.

Best Alternative for Wise Chat WordPress | Sending-products-to-customers (1)12. Works Well on Mobile Screens

As this robust plugin is built with AJAX, it is mobile optimized. The design and theme will not break on mobile views. Most of the customers may find it comfortable to chat through mobile. So this will help to make the customers use it more often, and thereby it will increase customer engagement.

Best Alternative for Wise Chat WordPress | Works-Well-with-Mobile-View-1

13. AI and NLP Integration for Automated Replies

Chatbots are quite common as we can see a chat message pop up when we open a website for any assistance from their side. And nowadays, in many support teams of online stores like Amazon, we can see automated replies when we open the support option in their app or site. This makes the task of customers easy as they only need to select options to get a reply or solution for it.

WSChat is compatible with Google’s Dialogflow tool, which helps to feed the training phrases and corresponding replies to be triggered by the customers. You can trigger text, image, audio, video, and any other file formats as responses. To know more about it and how to integrate Dialogflow with WSChat, refer to an article: Detailed Guide on Setting up Dialogflow – Artificial Intelligence Based NLP, Optimized for the Google Assistant and Chatbot Development.

14. Detailed Report to Analyze your Performance

It is important to check the overall response of the customers towards your customer support services or the service provided by your business. This plugin provides a detailed analysis report that helps to show various scores of your agents given by the customers, ratings, quality scores, and the number of tickets associated with all agents.

This will help you to improve on certain areas to satisfy customers’ expectations.

To conclude,

When you check the specifications of WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin, you can understand that this plugin is the best alternative for the Wise Chat plugin for WordPress websites. If your site is a WooCommerce store, WSChat will uplift the customer support experience by incorporating the order and cart details. To know more about the plugin’s features and how to configure it on your website, you can go through its detailed documentation.

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