Benefits of using a Shipping Calculator on your WooCommerce Store

Shipping calculators have been a game-changer for the shipping industry. It has added the factors of simplicity, affordability and diversity in the options available to customers. The variety of options has led to WooCommerce store owners and customers feeling a little overwhelmed. Comparison of prices with services provided and shipping carriers has become a tedious process but, had it not been for the invention of shipping calculators, this Herculean task would have never ended. In this article we will discuss the benefits of using a shipping calculator on your WooCommerce store.

Which plugin is suitable as a Shipping Calculator?

ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Plugin provides associating shipping carrier APIs and permits its customers to select services provided by every unique carrier. It provides its customers with access to these selected services which are unique to every shipping carrier. Shipping services are listed with the approximate pricing and estimated time of delivery which would help the customers in selecting the service which best suits their needs and requirements. Users can also look at real time pricing and print labels for shipping.

ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Plugin is supported by EasyPoint shipping service. Creating an EasyPost account will provide access to an API  key to input into the plugin. As of now, shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post are supported by the EasyPost plugin.

To ship a product from Sender’s location to the Receiver’s destination, the packaging should be selected carefully. Important factors which must be considered while selecting the right packaging including weight and dimensions along with selecting the most cost-efficient service. This could be concluded by comparing the rates and estimated time of delivery. The shipping label should be printed after choosing the required shipping service carrier. The tracking details can be acquired post this.

To think that there was a time before this digital era where services were mostly manual seems to be eons ago, doesn’t it? A ride to the post office couldn’t have been postponed, come rain or fall. After so much physical exertion, considerable efforts were spent in trying to weigh the package, calculate the dimensions and finally complete the process with a monetary transaction. Think of all this and compare it to the sounds of a few clicks which informs you of the successful completion of the process.

Shipping calculator plugin helps in confirming the delivery expenses without leaving the comfort of your own space. The need to interact with a third-party website is completely curbed. Here are a few other benefits which are provided by a shipping calculator.

Benefits of using a Shipping Calculator on your WooCommerce Store

Still not very confident about shipping calculators? Take a look at these top reasons to opt for one right now!

  • Easy and Efficient calculation of the shipping rates

Mathematics was never made simpler. Now calculate the shipping rates provided by the shipping carriers with utmost ease and check the delivery dates of all the shipping services which are available in the specified time period, based on factors like zip code, address and country locations of both the shipper and the receiver. The physical characteristics of the packages should also be included like the weight and dimensions.

  • Choose a Shipping Service of Your Choice

The most convenient shipping service can be selected from the list of available shipping carriers by checking the rates with the estimated dates of delivery. ELEX Shipping Calculator plugin is compatible with carriers like USPS, UPS and FedEx.

  • Choose A Packaging Of Your Choice

The most appropriate packaging should be selected from a list of available predefined packages that are based on attributes like weight and dimensions of the items before starting with the shipping process.

  • Custom Packages

In the light of no suitable predefined packages available for the ordered items, the dimensions and weight must be entered to create a custom package.

  • Multiple packages together

To generate multiple packages together, enter the weight and dimensions of multiple packages together in a CSV file and upload it to generate various packages simultaneously.

  • Access To Shipping Label And Tracking Link

The shipping service and handling fee, which is optional, should be checked out to generate the shipping label and the tracking details of the order.

  • Select the carrier and services of your choice

The various shipping carriers and services are visible on the shipping calculator platform. A fixed or percentage price can be used to adjust along with the service and shipping charges of every shipping carrier and only, with respect to their shipping costs.

  • Specific page for shipping calculator

A new webpage can be created for the shipping calculator on the website and selected users can be granted access to it. An option to add a link to this page is available on the Checkout page which can be used to edit label details before creating them from scratch.

  • User roles can now be assigned

The availability of shipping calculators can be provided to the selected user roles and the guest users as per requirements.

  •  Enable custom email with tracking information and label

The link of the created label and the tracking details can be sent to the email addresses of either the sender or the receiver or, both of their email addresses. The body of the email and the subject can be drafted as per needs.

  •  Alert with an Order completion message

Custom text messages can be displayed for the customers on the successful completion of the order. An alternate message for failure of order completion can also be displayed.

  •  Articles with shipping calculator

A help icon on the home page would help in linking the documentation or articles regarding the navigation of shipping calculators. These would be key in aiding the customers to explore the calculator as per their needs and would help save a lot of common yet repetitive queries.

  • Template of your choice

The shipping calculator can be customized. Be it the heading,  description and the Checkout option, all can be designed as per the expectations of the WooCommerce store owner. They can also pick customized colours, panel background, selected tabs and specific buttons for their business.

These are the benefits of using a shipping calculator on your WooCommerce store. All these above features are integrated in the ELEX shipping calculator plugin. You can easily set up after reading this article: How to set up ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator, Purchase Shipping Label & Tracking for Customers?

If you still have any questions or queries you can leave a comment below. For suggestions or ideas you can write to us directly. 

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