The Benefits of Abandoned Cart in WooCommerce

You’ve put a lot of effort and money into attracting high-quality visitors to your website. Customers adore your stuff, and your product pages look fantastic. As visitors traverse your website and add things to their shopping basket, WooCommerce’s stability and performance deliver a frictionless purchasing experience. Even then, more than 70% of those customers have an abandoned cart and leave your website empty-handed.

This isn’t a new occurrence. Since the first online store opened, eCommerce merchants have had to deal with abandoned carts.

A well-crafted email remarketing sequence is one of the greatest and most popular strategies to urge people to recover their abandoned shopping carts. However, there’s a catch: most other merchants are employing the same tried-and-true remarketing techniques and technologies in an attempt to reduce cart abandonment rates. And there hasn’t been much innovation in this field in recent years, which has resulted in two big roadblocks:

  • When your competition is accustomed to similar strategies, it’s much harder for you to stand out and grab that sale.
  • Customers have become conditioned to expect a post-abandonment email that includes a discount.

Reasons for Cart Abandonment

70% of customers, or 2/3rds, leave without purchasing the items in their shopping cart. The following are the key causes for such a high ratio:

  • Lack of immediate financial resources
  • Distractions abound.
  • Protracted procedure
  • Prices are excessively exorbitant
  • Fee for shipping
  • Payment process isn’t finished
  • Issues with brand credibility

An Abandoned Cart plugin allows you to get orders from your WooCommerce store that are just about to close. It enables you to send automated and well-timed email reminders to customers who have added your products to their cart but have not completed the transaction. As a result, using this plugin, you’ll be able to recoup at least 30% of your lost revenues.

ELEX Abandoned Cart plugin product page with a price of $79

Checkout procedure is convoluted

One of the most common causes of cart abandonment in online retail is this. A faulty checkout procedure can have a significant impact on conversion rates. Whether a cart is converted to a sale is determined by the rewarded feeling that buyers feel at checkout. Customers abandon many online stores because they are not sufficiently motivated. Customers who are interested in purchasing, on the other hand, may quit their cart if the checkout process is too time-consuming for them. Both of these circumstances indicate a flaw in your checkout process that may be fixed.

Charges at the checkout that aren’t disclosed

Other key reasons that deter buyers from completing their purchase are hidden transaction fees or shipping prices. According to a linked study, this was the major cause for cart abandonment for 42% of customers. If clients are aware of any transaction fees or delivery costs, they are more likely to buy.

There is no option for guests to check out

Online buyers are used to getting their money’s worth quickly, so a lengthy registration process during checkout may be a real turnoff. Registration is required for some sites, such as those that offer subscription-based services. Customers expect (fast) guest checkout in a garment store or a shoe store, on the other hand.

Not being able to locate your preferred method of payment

When it comes to payment choices, customers have their own preferences. Not being able to use one of their preferred payment methods could cause them to abandon their cart.

Concerns about security

Customers may abandon their carts if they do not have complete faith in your site’s ability to conduct secure transactions. They may always trust a more reputable store to conduct a secure purchase.

Privacy protection

Customers may opt not to go if they have the impression that their privacy is in jeopardy. Shop owners face a difficult task in instilling confidence in their customers’ privacy.

Not convinced about the product

Customers, understandably, are not always convinced while shopping for clothing and accessories. Many individuals prefer the assurance of a trial room while purchasing an outfit, for example.

Still looking into it

People who prefer the idea of a physical store may still utilize the online store to conduct product research. They are unlikely to shop at the online business, and they may not even make it to the checkout page.

Waiting for a sale to happen

Customers may decide to wait for the next deal if your store has a reputation for delivering frequent discounts. It is very much dependent on how your clients perceive your store.

Strategies to Recover Abandoned Carts

When a customer adds a product from your WooCommerce site to their cart, you want them to buy it as soon as possible. Regrettably, this is not always the case. Customers may add things to their baskets and then abandon your site, leaving their orders unfinished for days, weeks, or even months.

This is when the concept of abandoned cart recovery comes into play. This procedure reminds clients of the products they’ve forgotten and encourages them to return to your business and complete their purchases. Instead of losing potential consumers, you may profit from the lead generation you’ve already done with the appropriate techniques.

Offer shipping for free or at a reduced rate

As previously stated, the most common cause for online shoppers abandoning their carts at checkout is the cost of delivery. Offer free or cheap shipping if your margins allow it.

Allow Checkout for Guests

Shoppers are typically discouraged from completing their purchases when they are forced to create an account. Allowing guests to check out will almost certainly lower your abandonment rate. If the number of accounts is critical to your organization, provide an incentive for account creation after checkout, such as a free digital download or faster shipment.

Provide a variety of payment options

You’ll need to provide flexible payment choices to make it easy for your clients to check out. Make sure your site has an up-to-date SSL certificate and other security indicators by giving numerous payment choices.

Send Emails to Carts That Have Been Abandoned

Sending abandoned cart emails is one of the first recovery strategies you may try. These emails are sent to potential customers who have added products to their shopping carts but have not completed the checkout process.

Abandoned cart emails have shown to be extremely effective. According to one survey, almost half of those who interact with this form of email content make a purchase. This suggests that around half of the 46 percent of email recipients who open the email will click through and make a purchase.

Shoppers can be added to an email nurture campaign

Adding shoppers to a bigger email nurturing campaign or strategy, in addition to targeted abandonment emails, is another crucial measure. An email list is a wonderful way to communicate directly with customers and to keep your company ‘on the radar’ of your target market.

After all, not everyone wants to communicate with retailers via social media. Furthermore, email communication allows you entire control over the appearance of your content to customers. Sending out occasional updates and informing your mailing list about new products and promotions is a great method to entice skeptics to return.

Push Notifications to Shoppers

Most mobile users are familiar with, and some even rely on, push notifications. These notifications not only let users know when they get a new text message, but they also let them know when anything is wrong with one of their apps.

Push alerts for desktop browsers can also be implemented, providing another useful feature to your cart recovery toolkit. Because the notifications are provided in real time, you have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to contact with your customers at a critical point in their shopping trips.

To put it another way, you can utilize push notifications to remind customers about your brand when they’re about to ditch their shopping carts for good. Furthermore, because push notifications are provided via the browser, you can get data about the customers, that is crucial for your business.


Cart abandonment is a problem in eCommerce that must be addressed. You may use abandoned carts to enhance conversions by tweaking different parts of your WooCommerce site. Your checkout procedure, as well as payment and delivery options, can all have an impact. Reminding clients via email is a tried-and-true approach for regaining some of the customers who left your site with an unfinished order. There are numerous plugins available in the WooCommerce community to assist you in creating well-organized email campaigns. This post aims to shed some light on the causes and remedies for WooCommerce abandoned carts. 

The ELEX Abandoned Cart plugin is one of the best out there in terms of features, versatility, and price, with a single site costing $79 and 25 sites costing $199.

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