How to Add Canada Post Shipping to WooCommerce?

If your store is based in Canada or you are planning to deliver in that region, you should consider using the Canada Post shipping services. It is reliable, fast-tracked and rated as one of the best courier services in the world. You can easily add Canada Post shipping to WooCommerce by following this step-by-step guide. 

Let’s read more about Canada Post and how to integrate it on your WooCommerce store using a plugin, and learn more about other add-ons that will make your store even more manageable and convenient.

What is Canada Post?

Canada Post functions as the major postal operator in Canada. Their efficient employees use the traditional method of door-to-door delivery service. There are more than 6,200 post offices across Canada and various corporate offices and private franchises. Canada Post uses a centralized delivery system using 25,000 letter carriers and a 13,000 vehicle fleet.

How To Add Canada Post Shipping To WooCommerce

To use Canada Post shipping services on your WooCommerce store, we will use the ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS, Canada Post & USPS) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin for WooCommerce.

What is ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS, Canada Post & USPS) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin for WooCommerce

This simple plugin allows you to integrate EasyPost and streamline your shipment needs. You can easily display real-time shipping rates for your products on your WooCommerce store. By using various parameters, ELEX EasyPost shows the available shipping services and their corresponding real-time rates.

Customers can easily choose among the available shipping options and order any product. After you have successfully integrated this plugin into your WooCommerce shop, you can use the shipment services of Canada Post, USPS, UPS, and FedEx, etc. This plugin is recognized as an EasyPost Approved Integration Partner.

Benefits Of Using The Plugin ELEX EasyPost Plugin

  • Display real-time rates for Canada Post, FedEx, USPS, and UPS.
  • Show estimated delivery date on the Checkout page.
  • Print Canada Post shipping labels conveniently from the admin panel.
  • Once you are ready to use the plugin on your WooCommerce store, you can add a custom method title for the EasyPost Shipping method.
  • You can choose between Retail, Residential or Commercial real-time rates.
  • It also takes care of the failed shipments related to shipping by allowing you to set a fallback rate for returned items.
  • Include Insurance for your shipment automatically.

How to Set up Canada Post Shipping to WooCommerce?

Purchase the plugin from ELEXtensions website and upload the plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins > Add New. When the installation is complete, click the Activate button. You can access the EasyPost plugin setting by going to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > EasyPost > General

We will discuss the basics of how to integrate Canada Post shipping to WooCommerce. If you need detailed information on each of these options you can read this article: How to set up ELEX EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce? (with Video)

How to Add Canada Post Shipping to WooCommerce?

Click the Enable box for Realtime Rates this will display the Canada Post shipping rates on your Checkout and cart page. 

Debug Mode and Status Log are useful for developers. If your website is showing errors you can easily enable these options to debug errors. Not recommended on a live website. You can use the Test Mode to check your customization on your WooCommerce store.

When you are completely satisfied with the settings, you can change the Select The API Mode to Live Mode. You will need an API key for both modes which you can get after registering with EasyPost

Rates & Services

Use a custom Method Title for fallback rate, which will be displayed on the cart and the Checkout page. From Method Available to option, you can apply this to All Countries or assign it to just Specific Countries

Now, enter your store’s Zip Code, Sender State Code and Sender Country name. It is recommended that you enter details of an address in Canada. 

You can also enable the Estimated Delivery Date option to show the time duration for delivery to the customers. When you are done, use the default settings for other options and scroll down to Carrier & Rate Settings.

If EasyPost doesn’t generate any real time rates, you can still type a custom amount in the Fallback box for shipping so customers can checkout.

Rates Type: You can select among Commercial, Residential, or Retail rates to display on your WooCommerce store.

Handling Fee: If you want to charge a handling fee from the customers you can enter that amount here or leave it blank. 

EasyPost Carrier(s): Choose among the available courier services provided by Canada Post. You can customize the service name or adjust the price. 

When you are done, click the Save Changes button. When a customer tries to order a product from your WooCommerce store, they will be redirected to the Checkout page as displayed below. 

Add Canada Post Shipping to WooCommerce


You can see that Canada Post services and real time rates are visible in the shipping option. Customers can select among the available shipping options and order the product easily.

Other Add-Ons and services that you can Integrate with ELEX EasyPost plugin

Print Return Labels: Easily generate return labels using our EasyPost Return Label Add-On plugin for other courier services such as FedEx, UPS, Canada Post and USPS. You can also set a custom address for conveniently handling returned items.

Generate USPS SCAN Forms: With the ELEX WooCommerce EasyPost Generate SCAN Forms Add-On, you can generate a single form for multiple returned packages and improve shipment processing and data management.

Auto-generate and email your shipping labels to Customers: With EasyPost Auto-generate and Email labels Add-On you can send an email notification to the relevant customers and keep them informed about the current status of their package. It also generates your labels automatically to make your tasks easier.

Bulk Label: To save your time on printing labels individually you can make use of EasyPost Bulk Label Printing Add-On. Generate shipping labels in bulk and also download them in a single PDF file. You can also filter with Order IDs or Order date range and print labels in bulk. 

Schedule a Pickup for UPS, FedEx, USPS & Canada Post: Use ELEX WooCommerce EasyPost Pickup Request Add-On to schedule the pickup from other shipping carriers. Just set a date and time for the pickup and the service personnel will pick the orders from you.

If you want you can use these extended services or just use the above ELEX EasyPost plugin. Follow above points to add Canada Post shipping to WooCommerce. Share your ideas or opinions in the comments below.

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