A Step by Step Guide for WooCommerce Bulk Edit

Do you need help to bulk edit your tons of products in your WooCommerce store? Is editing thousands of products manually possible? Eventually, you will use the WooCommerce bulk editing feature, but handling thousands of products might be challenging. Here’s where bulk editing plugins come in since they can make bulk editing more efficient and time-saving.

While WooCommerce offers bulk editing, its functionality is limited, especially if you have thousands of products and variations to manage. Employing ELEX WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes you can easily manage to bulk edit all of your products in your WooCommerce store.

Employing bulk editing is highly beneficial for large WooCommerce stores due to the complexity and inefficiency of updating information manually. By bulk editing WooCommerce products, you can modify many product attributes simultaneously, including the price, stock quantity, tags, categories, variations, and descriptions of the product.

Check out this article, to discover a much easier way to edit your products when you’re using the ELEX WooCommerce Advanced Edit plugin for bulk editing!

What is Bulk Edit?

The Bulk Edit feature enables you to simultaneously change specific elements, such as targeting and inventory, across numerous campaigns and advertising platforms. You can create automated rules from bulk edits to schedule them to run automatically at specific times and frequencies.

Many plugins provide bulk editing capabilities, allowing you to edit multiple items at once. This can save you a significant amount of time, especially when you need to make the same change to many objects simultaneously. Besides, WooCommerce provides some basic functionality for editing products in bulk. Rather than going to each product individually, you can change the price of an entire product line with just a few clicks.

Additionally, it maintains accuracy when updating critical elements such as stock and prices across multiple product lines, preventing errors that could negatively impact your store’s operation. However, WooCommerce provides only the basic features, hence implying ELEX WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes will help in boosting the bulk editing process.

Streamline WooCommerce Bulk Edit: ELEX Woocommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

You can edit a wide array of product fields, including prices, inventory levels, dimensions, and more, through this ELEX Woocommerce Advanced Bulk Edit filtering option. Among the entire list of products in your store, this plugin’s advanced filters can sort the right products. The plugin allows you to create and edit exclusive product properties that are unique to your store even if you cannot find them in the plugin.

The ELEX advanced WooCommerce bulk edit plugin allows you to bulk edit multiple products with a wide range of filtering options and properties in your store without affecting the rest. You can edit any product properties with ELEX WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit. With this simplified WooCommerce bulk edit plugin, you do not need to install separate plugins to edit different product properties, such as bulk editing prices, images, product categories, etc…

ELEX woocommerce advanced bulk edit

You can bulk edit products through this plugin by following the steps outlined below:

First Step – Installation and Activation

  • Once you have downloaded this upgraded premium version plugin from the ELEXtensions website. You should follow the installation process like uploading and installing the plugin.
  • And Activate it from the WordPress dashboard, once the installation has been completed.
  • Once activated you can access the plugin from the WordPress dashboard by clicking on, WooCommerce>bulk edit products.

WooCommerce bulk edit

Second Step – Filtering Products to WooCommerce Bulk Edit

You will be taken to a page where you can filter the products. You can filter the products using the filters like Title, Tag, Type, Category, Price, or Description. In the filtering process, some unnecessary products may be included on the list. This can be avoided by excluding certain products based on their IDs, categories, and subcategories.

Filter the Products for WooCommerce Bulk Edit

Your store allows users to filter products based on global attributes and custom attributes.

Product Attributes 

Group with OR – Using this, you can enter attribute values. A filter will be applied to all products containing at least one of the attribute values.

Group with AND – Checking this box will determine whether the product has all the attributes entered.

Custom Attributes

If you want to filter products based on the variations of custom attributes, you can enter the custom attributes.

Third Step – Preview 

Having set up the filters, the filtered list must be previewed. This preview allows you to see whether all necessary products have been excluded, as well as any unnecessary products that have been filtered out. By clicking the Back button, you can go back to the previous step to reset the filters if necessary. You can also uncheck the relevant text boxes if you want to exclude certain products. As soon as you have completed the preview of products, you should edit them.

Preview for the WooCommerce bulk edit

Fourth Step – Create WooCommerce Bulk Edits

Implying this bulk edit plugin, you can edit several default product properties in bulk. Among the things you can bulk edit are general product information, pricing, stock, weight or dimensions, attributes, tax settings, variations, and categories.

Apply Edits for woocommerce bulk editing

Fifth Step – Scheduling Bulk Edit

The changes can be immediately posted on your products, or they can be scheduled for a later time. If you choose to execute the WooCommerce bulk edit instantly this plugin allows you to save the job, enables undo updates, gives a name to the job, and saves information of updates in a log file.

schedule woocommerce bulk edit

A recurring update can be scheduled for a later date and time, as well as a revert date and time if needed. You can choose to schedule it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and save the information in a log file if you prefer. The Finish button can be clicked if everything has been configured properly. Alternatively, you can return to the previous step if any changes need to be made.

Schedule later

Sixth Step – Bulk Edit Execution

As soon as you have made all the edits and executed the update, a tab will appear indicating that the update has been successful. The update can then be undone if necessary. If all the information has been updated correctly, click Continue. The Jobs tab will display all saved jobs, along with details such as selected fields and schedules.

applying woocommerce bulk edit


Every job includes an icon to Edit, Cancel, Copy, Run, Revert, or Delete the job. You can also cancel the schedule and download log files. This plugin lets you remove the last update from the filter to change it. As on the filter page, there is an option to undo the last update. This can be done by just clicking on the undo option.

undo update for woocommerce bulk edit

Last Shot

A WooCommerce store with a large product catalog needs bulk editing as a means of efficiently managing the catalog. WooCommerce and various plugins provide bulk editing options that can save you time and ensure a smooth product management process. You can bulk edit prices, stock levels, attributes, and SEO metadata for multiple products at once, which increases efficiency and productivity.

WooCommerce product properties can be edited using numerous bulk edit plugins. Most plugins provide the ability to edit most product properties by default and provide advanced features for fine and accurate product filtering. Additionally, some plugins allow you to edit specific product properties, such as images and prices. Your WooCommerce store’s plugins can be chosen based on your business requirements.

The product listings in WooCommerce stores need to be updated and edited continuously. When done individually, tasks such as changing prices, updating product descriptions, or modifying stock quantities can take a lot of time and effort. With ELEX WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes, you can easily edit products in bulk quickly and easily. ELEX streamlines product management and saves time for WooCommerce store owners with its powerful features and user-friendly interface.


  1. Is it possible to schedule a bulk update?
    Schedules can be made on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  2. Would I be able to convert a product’s type in bulk from Simple to Variable, Variable to Simple, or Simple to External?
    The Filter tab allows you to filter Simple or Variable products, and the Edit Products tab provides an option to change product types.
  3. How can I bulk create variations with custom attributes?
    If you want to create variations with custom attributes, you can enable Create Variations under the Edit tab.

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