9 Reasons to choose Amazon Pay as your WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Undoubtedly, Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce business today. What started just as a bookselling company, has expanded its business in several verticals. Over the past 20 years, it has not only done a vast amount of business but has also gained trust and support from the consumers. They leveraged this trust by introducing their own e-commerce payment gateway as Amazon Pay.

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is a payment service that allows business owners to offer payment method linked with consumers’ Amazon account to process Checkout on their websites. For customers, it allows them to easily use their Amazon wallet balance to make a purchase on a third-party site.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should choose Amazon Pay as your WooCommerce Payment Gateway.

9 Reasons to choose Amazon Pay as your WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Let’s roll.

1. Trust

Amazon has more than 300 million users, which they have gained because of continued trust from their consumers. A user visits your store, likes your product, adds the product to the cart and proceeds for purchasing. This is a critical point of conversion that should be handled carefully.

If you are a small business owner with an unrecognized branding, it becomes difficult to capture sales from buyers who are hesitant to enter the card information, hence you can leverage the trust that has been built in the Amazon brand by using Amazon Pay as your payment method.

2. Brand

As we know, customers trust is easily lost and is hard to gain. Hence continued trust leads to the brand building.

Amazon is a brand in itself and has millions of customers all over the world. The conversion is bound to happen when you tap into those millions of existing customers who trust the Amazon brand. When users see Amazon Pay as a payment method on your WooCommerce store, it increases their confidence and encourages new customers to buy on your site and possibly return to buy again.

3. Mobile Responsive

Today, more than 50% of the online audience use their mobile devices for online shopping. Hence, having a payment gateway that is mobile responsive should be one of your top goals for conversion (not to mention that your WooCommerce store needs to be mobile responsive as well).

Amazon Pay is developed as a finger-tap technology that focuses hugely on customer experience by making the checkout completely mobile responsive. This will not clutter your store’s Checkout process and will provide smoother order transactions.

4. Fewer Clicks, Higher conversions

When customers select Amazon Pay as their desired payment method on your store, they don’t have the overhead of entering their credit/debit card information, instead, they just need to enter their Amazon login credentials. This will not only streamline the payment but also accesses the shipping address from your Amazon account. This saves your customers’ time for entering the shipping/billing address, which avoids cart abandonment.

When the payment process is simple enough, the customers will seem confident enough to make an additional purchase or come back again in the future. Even a proper word-of-mouth of your online store will result in more customers leading to higher conversion rate.

5. Smooth handling of Refunds

Amazon has a straight-forward approach when it comes to refunds. It offers partial as well as full refund facility for the merchants to process. It has an easy refund policy where the amount is refunded back to Amazon Pay balance. The merchant can refund the amount using Refund API (which are integrated into some WooCommerce plugins) or in your Amazon Seller Central page. Read this document for more information on issuing refunds in Amazon.

Also, Amazon offers A-Z Guarantee Protection for Buyers that helps in Refund dispute between the merchant and the customer. Your customers will feel more confident knowing that they have the same protection policy that they have when they shop on Amazon.com

But there’s more to it.

Having a payment gateway that handles refunds smoothly is one part of the process, you need to create an easy but concrete refund policy for your store. Make sure it is balanced and benefits to both you and your customers. If you are confident about your products, you can take one step forward to gain your customers’ trust by offering a money-back claim or free return shipping.

6. Inline Checkout

Customers get annoyed when they are redirected to another site for making payments. This affects the whole customer shopping experience of your site and might even lead to cart abandonment.

Amazon solves this problem by providing inline checkout, which means your customers do not have to leave your site for making the payment. When the customers select Amazon payment method, a pop-up window appears, where they need to enter their Amazon login credentials (email and password). Once the login is successful, the pop-up window is closed automatically and the customers’ information is retrieved. This will, in turn, give your customers a feeling of one complete shopping transaction experience.

7. Security

With great power comes great responsibility, and the security of the customer’s data is your responsibility. Amazon’s data scientists work hard to ensure the user information is protected from fraudulent activities. But before you use Amazon Payment API or plugin, you should get a Transfer Security Layer (TSL)/Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for your website. If you don’t have one, contact your web hosting provider.

Amazon’s technological strength is one of the key attraction for the merchants. Security is central to everything that Amazon has developed and is a top priority when it comes to handling payment transactions.

8. Convenience

Customers do not have to dig their credit or debit cards when they have to make any purchase. All they need to do is log into their Amazon account for immediate checkout facility. This process will not only fetch the payment details but also shipping address for moving ahead with the checkout process. This is one of the few advantages that Amazon has over other payment gateways.

9. Charges

There is no monthly or yearly fee in Amazon. All charges are transaction-based. The transaction charges include 2.9% as Domestic processing fee and $0.30 as Authorization fee. This fee will also include taxes wherever applicable, charged when the purchase is authorized and processed successfully.

For cross-border purchase, the processing fee includes 3.9% as cross-border processing fee (which is charged only when the transaction is captured) and $0.30 as Authorization fee, plus tax wherever applicable. Both domestic, as well as cross-border processing fee, is refundable, unlike Authorization fee. This fee is fairly nominal when compared to other payment gateways. Read Amazon Pay Fees document for more information.

But where do you find a WordPress plugin for Amazon Pay that suits your WooCommerce store?

One plugin that is way ahead of its competitors is the ELEXAmazon Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.

Highlights of ELEX Amazon Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

  • Cart Page Checkout: The plugin allows you to enable Cart page checkout. In a single click, an Amazon Pay button will be enabled on your cart page. This will decrease the number of clicks for the purchase and will lead to faster checkouts.
  • Amazon Overview Page: A dedicated overview page that displays all your payment transactions. Saves your time of logging into your Amazon account for viewing payments every now and then.
  • Quick Refunds: In addition to processing refunds on WooCommerce orders page, you can process partial or full refunds in a few clicks using the Amazon overview page. The amount will be refunded by Amazon itself based on their refund policy.
  • SSL Mode: If your site is SSL enabled, you can generate Login with App Client ID in Seller Portal. The plugin supports both HTTP and HTTPS. The main advantage of HTTPS over HTTP is the customization.
  • Capture Payments: With this plugin, you can capture payments immediately or authorize to be captured later by the store admin. In addition, you can capture full or partial payment as desired.
  • WPML support: The plugin has WPML support. Furthermore, it supports Spanish, Italy, and German (Deutschland) languages out of the box.
  • Mobile friendly: The payment and address widgets are optimized for mobile-friendliness.
  • Customization: The one thing that makes Amazon Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce stand out from the rest of the plugins is the customization. You can customize the payment method title and description, choose to use Amazon address widget for billing, shipping or for both the addresses, customize the position of Amazon Pay button on the cart page and checkout page, choose from a range of attractive Amazon Pay banners to be displayed on your cart and checkout pages, set a custom Pay with Amazon description and seller policy.
  • 100% Money back guarantee: ELEXtensions offers all its products with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can take back your money if you are not happy with the product (happens very rarely).
  • Dedicated support: A dedicated support team is always at your service. The team will help you with any minor as well as major issues with the setup and issues related to the plugin.

You can explore the product page of ELEX Amazon Payment Gateway for WooCommerce for more features.

Or check out the documentation section at XAdapter site to more details.

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