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4 Upcoming Customer Service Trends you Need to Look Out for in the Future

Both customers and companies seem to be enjoying the perks technology have provided to them. Customer experience is getting better and better. The quality of customer service, as well as the investments in customer support, is increasing too. But it won’t be long before customers brought about another revolution in business strategies. The companies then would not have any other option left, but to adapt to the changes.

You might ask, will technology be ready to provide both customers and companies what they will need, in the future?

The present technology might not be able to provide customers and companies with all their needs in the future. But, it definitely has something more to offer. Some current technologies that will be able to serve well in the future are:

 1. Video conferencing

The technology of video conferencing is definitely not new, but it has yet to become popular as a means of providing customer support. So in the future, if need be, current technology is more than capable of providing it. Besides, there is still time as well as scope for development in this area. Some of the applications where a multi-way video conferencing can be introduced are:

  • Self-serving.
  • Checking the damaged product/part of the product so that spares can be made available accordingly.
  • Solving multiple issues of the same category.
  • Issues involving confidential data, such as bank transactions.

 2. Augmented reality and Virtual reality

The field of augmented reality and virtual reality are still untouched in industrial usage. But these technologies have the potential of delivering an unforgettable experience when it comes to customers.

Both these technologies can be used to take people into the world where they have only dreamt of going. For example, everyone wants to go to Apple’s manufacturing unit and see how an iPhone is made. But the harsh reality is, no one can actually go there. So, using virtual reality, Apple can create a simulation of a tour to the facility.

Some more applications of Augmented reality in marketing can be found here.

 3. Messaging apps

There are many ways of providing customer support, as we have already discussed above. But one of the many ways, which is yet to be popular among masses, is the use of messaging apps like WhatsApp for providing customer service.

Till now only CASENGO, a customer service, and help desk software provide the ability to use WhatsApp for customer service.

To learn how to use WhatsApp for customer service click here.

4. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are the software agents, not the human VAs, that have the ability to perform specific tasks on the behalf of a human being. As for now, this technology is being used for mere entertainment purpose, but this has a huge potential to replace the whole Customer support staff by its own. As soon as the virtual assistants are fully equipped with Artificial Intelligence and technologies such as machine learning and speech recognition, entertainment is the only thing that they can provide.

According to Wikipedia, the year 2017 has seen a significant expansion in terms of Virtual Assistant usability.

As of 2017, the capabilities and usage of virtual assistants are expanding rapidly, with new products entering the market. An online poll in May 2017 found the most widely used in the US where Apple’s Siri (34%), Google Assistant (19%), Amazon Alexa (6%), and Microsoft Cortana(4%).[1] Usage of the smart speakers powered by these assistants is radically different; Apple didn’t even announce its smart speaker until June 2017. Facebook‘s M expected to be available to hundreds of millions on Facebook Messenger in 2017.[2] Apple and Google have large installed bases of users on smartphones and Microsoft have a large installed base of Windows-based PCs (where Cortana works in addition to phones and smart speakers); meanwhile, Alexa was the first to get the ability to place online e-commerce orders, from Amazon.[2]

So we can see the technology is still evolving for the features that we don’t actually need right now. But as long as the customers have the power to change the trends, one can’t simply take risks. Past have enough lessons for the technology to be well prepared for the future.

Technology has provided us with the solutions to the problems we had, it is providing us the solutions for the problems that we have and it is the only one that can provide us with the solutions to the problems we don’t even know if we are going to have or not.

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